Testimonials and Case Studies

An inclusion manager's testimonial

“I have been deeply impressed by the profound impact that the Ollie sessions have had on some of our most vulnerable children. Barbara has been excellent in improving outcomes for all of these children, having worked with a caseload of children with a range of issues, including social isolation, anxiety, and social-emotional, mental health difficulties including challenging behaviour. The children’s emotional literacy and ability to express their feelings has been remarkable. The pupils love the therapeutic model, as well as school staff and parents alike. It is a friendly and approachable concept, and the kind, understanding and nurturing style of Barbara has been exemplary. This work has joined-up with our school ethos of positive behaviour management, and some of the ideas are being used by our pastoral team to reach out to more of our children. I would whole-heartedly recommend this intervention, as well as the wonderful Barbara, to anyone who is interested in supporting children experiencing difficulties in issues away from the classroom environment”.

Behaviour, Inclusion and Pastoral Manager

No more sleepless nights or bad ezcema

“My Daughter had a number of issues which were causing her have very restless nights, sleeping and causing her eczema to flair up. She would scratch her skin till she started to bleed.

We were back and forwards to her GP for well over a year and she was prescribed various creams to help with her skin condition. These creams never helped with the underlying cause and they didn’t help break her habit of scratching.

After talking with Barbara about it she told me she was confident she could help by using Ollie and his superpowers. My daughter and I read the book we got from Barbara together and after the 1st session the habit of scratching had gone. I expected it to work but I was shocked at how quickly it worked!
My daughter had few more sessions and they made a huge difference, I saw a change in her in the way she handles all her emotions, she has grown in confidence, become less afraid and now sleeps through the night with no problems at all.”

A skeptical Dad

“I can honestly say he is better for having worked with you; I did have reservations in the beginning but would like to say thank you because you have helped my Son and me.

My Son is different after seeing you, I know in your last email you asked what his behaviour has been like. I have had the boys the last two weekends and they have been wonderful”.

No more nail biting

“My 14 year old daughter M was struggling with anxiety and nail biting, mostly due to her workload at school but also other pressures she felt at home. She spent five sessions with Barbara over a couple of months, and the change in her is remarkable. She is more relaxed, more confident and much better able to clarify and express her feelings. It’s lovely to see her happy again – and she has nails! M felt comfortable doing a range of NLP activities with Barbara, as well as using the home recordings which Barbara made especially for her. These sessions have given me peace of mind, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Barbara to any parent in a similar situation.”

No longer on CAMHS waiting list

MD’s behaviour has drastically improved. There has been a significant decrease in the number of detentions given to her, and is no longer at risk of internal and external exclusions. She seems to be more confident in herself and is having tantrum-like behaviour far less than before.

There were some suggestions that how MD was presenting at the time that a referral to CAMHS would be appropriate. This was around MD managing her feelings in more appropriate ways, and around her need for control. Although this is being monitored continually, it is felt that a referral is not needed at this time.

Little client doesn't need Ollie or me any longer

My little client doesn’t need Ollie or me any longer because she has completely got rid of ‘scared’and ‘itchy’.
But the good news is……..
“I was talking to my daughter last night about how she feels now, she said she is fine, she is not afraid of the toilet and she doesn’t need to scratch but she said if Ollie needs her to come help him she will come and play some games with him” – isn’t that sweet?

Case Studies

Amy (not her real name) was just 5 years old when her Dad bought her to see me. A sweet friendly little girl, a little shy but happily played with me and my Ollie doll (Ollie and His Superpowers) in our 45 minute sessions.

Dad shared with me that he and Amy’s Mum had parted a few years ago and Amy lived with Mum but stayed over with Dad 3 nights every week.


Poor Amy suffered from sleepless nights, every night waking around 7 times a night. She also suffered from severe eczema on her feet and the inability to go the toilet for days at a time which meant she suffered from constipation. These issues are classical signs of high anxiety, insecurity and being in a constant state of fear although this wouldn’t be apparent  talking and engaging with Amy because she presented as a normal little girl.

What we did

Using a dissociative way of working, Amy happily ‘helped’ Ollie to fix his fear of night times and fear of going to the toilet. We made Ollie feel safe and happy. Amy decided which Superpowers Ollie needed to help him make lots of changes. Dad was very supportive and helped Amy everyday to recognise her feelings (Superpowers) and manage them.


Within a week Amy woke less and less each night. She became less anxious about many things in her life too. She worried less about her Mum when she wasn’t around.  Amy used her Superpowers everyday and soon was telling her brothers what Superpowers they were using!

Soon Amy was sleeping through every night, she became less anxious and fearful (because she could identify and manage her emotions) and her eczema cleared up on her feet! What used to be open sores were now red lines where the cracks used to be. The pain had gone!

After 4 sessions Amy started to go to toilet regularly which had many obvious benefits (less bloating, pain and discomfort) as well as improved health. Many other positive changes happened too. Amy presented as a happier and more engaging child, less shy and willing to join in more things at home and at school.